Registration Hopping Onto the Virtual Train

Adrianne Salas, Staff Writer

Registration for next school year 2021-2022 is right around the corner. Like most of the usual formalities at school, registration has gone virtual as well. 


Fear not underclassmen, for Moanalua High School Registrar Sean Takahashi explained that “when we get back from Winter break, students will get detailed instructions of the new procedures and will fill out a worksheet during CAP to help organize all of the information they will need when they fill out of the online form.”


Underclassmen will receive a registration guide and planning worksheet in CAP starting January 5. Virtual help sessions will be available after school. Students will use a Google Form instead of the registration card and barcode stickers. The cards will be due by January 15. 


To help students learn more about the different programs, the public relations class said it will post videos of the major programs and electives featuring teachers and students describing the courses on the Moanalua High School Instagram account starting in January. 


 “We wanted to advertise the major electives to the students in an accessible way, so they can get a better understanding of what they can sign up for, what other classes relate to these electives, and how these classes can help them in their potential careers,” media teacher Austin Zavala said.


For those considering AP courses, College and Career Counselor Rebecca Himuro said “videos for each AP course will be posted on the registration page of our school website for students to view in January.” 


With a new virtual approach to registration, teachers are hoping to learn how to better previous traditions. “If this year’s videos are successful, we will look into making some changes to AP Nights in future years.” says Ms. Himuro.


The office will work on the registration requests after January and will provide students with a list of their courses in the fourth quarter. Students will be able to make changes to their schedules then. 


“If changes need to be made, the counselors and teachers will work with the students to make sure that they are signed up for the classes that are appropriate for them,” Takahashi said.