Mene Thoughts: In-Person Classes

With winter break beginning students share their experiences with in-person classes during the second quarter.

Lana Sentilles – 10 (Photo courtesy Lana Sentilles)

Lana Sentilles – 10th

“It was kinda weird [going back in person] and only [having] a few people in each class. [It] was really different being able to actually see my teachers in person, and doing worksheets on actual paper.









Claire Narimasu – 12 (Photo courtesy Clarie Narimasu)

Claire Narimasu – 12th

“Going back to in person was odd. Seeing friends and teachers and having face to face conversations with people not my family…was great. [However] looking at everyone [in the cafeteria] sitting by themselves, facing the front was like a…suspension or dictatorship movie. It took me by surprise and was…depressing considering how I used to eat there last year and would have to look for chairs.”





Dylan Sadaya – 10 (Photo courtesy Dylan Sadaya)

Dylan Sadaya – 10th

“It feels more empty, I guess it’s reassuring that there’s less people so it feels more safe. They’re pretty good at staying hygienic, like we always have to spray the bottles and stuff. It’s nice being able to see the students and teachers again. I feel more energetic and lively, I just like seeing everybody.” 






Photo courtesy Kayse Ginen

Kayse Ginez – 10th

“It’s definitely different, there’s less people and I kind of like it more than online because when I’m at home I have more distractions and I get to focus more when I’m actually in-person. It makes me more tired because I have to walk up stairs now instead of just clicking out of classes.”





Brianna Richardson – 9th

“It’s refreshing (to be back in person). You’re not just sitting in front of a computer at home. You can interact with others more. I’m energized at school compared to being at home.”

Naomi Fujii – 9th

“It’s a better environment for learning, interacting, and feeling part of a group. I felt disconnected from class when I was online.”

John Mitchell – 9th

“It’s easier for me to learn with the teacher’s assistance.”

Henry Vu – 11th

“It was nice coming back to school and seeing some of my friends in person again. Of course, it’s not the same as before due to COVID but I guess the experience of at least going back to school was something that I enjoyed. Though, it felt like the first day of school because I was figuring out where my classes were. The biggest con that I found with in-person classes was waking up. Usually, with online classes, I wake up and get ready 30 minutes before class, but with in-person, I have to wake up much earlier in order to get ready and go to school. However, being able to talk with people face to face was something I really missed and it was great to be able to talk without having to stare at a screen the whole time. I found myself more tired than usual because my sleep schedule is not as good as it was and I forgot how many stairs the school has. Going back to school was a little scary but I was glad to see people were following the rules to make sure the school is safe.”