Mene Thoughts: Two Student Groups for Quarter 4

Calista Ancog, Staff Writer

Since November, students have been able to go to school in-person. Now, as the fourth quarter approaches students will have the opportunity to attend school more frequently with two alpha groups in one rotation. Students and staff share their mixed opinions on attending school more often and having a larger in-person population. 


Gianna Fabré – 9th

“I am looking forward to seeing more students on campus to get more of a “raw” feel and experience of high school life. However, I am worried about if students will be safe and still keep proper hygiene and distance from one another while on campus. I just hope that everything works out well and it isn’t too chaotic.” 


Briana Rosario – 10 (Photo courtesy Briana Rosario)

Briana Nikoll Nunez Rosario – 10th 

“I think it would be a great progress to double the groups for the fourth quarter since we will attend school [more]  frequently [than] usual.”








Rachel Doughtie – 10th 

“I think it sounds like a great idea, I’m excited to get school back to normal.”


Jade Adams – 12 (Photo courtesy Jade Adams)

Jade Adams – 12th

“I think it would benefit both groups…to see their friends and mak[e] new ones on the way even though school is almost over. I think socializing with others would [benefit] students since more people are coming and they don’t have to see like the same group every day.”






Mrs. Koyanagi – English Language Arts

“The unprecedented spread of Covid-19 and its many variants continues to be a major uncertainty. However, the education of students remains my primary concern. I believe we are heading in a good direction if we follow the health recommendations from the appropriate scientist and experts in order to balance safety with learning. In the meantime, students and parents should make the best decision for their individual families.”


Mrs. Travers – MHH/PID and CAP (Photo courtesy Mrs. Travers)

Mrs. Travers – MHH/PID and CAP teacher 

“I feel happy and excited to have more students back in the classroom. I think it will benefit students by having them more focused and on task. It is hard to help them when they are at home and checked out, versus if they are tuning out in class, I can easily walk over and make sure that they get back on track or redirect their attention. I would feel safe because I would have my vaccination by then– and I would continue safety protocols in my classroom.”