Peer “senseis” help Japanese language students

Kendelle Hung-Ino, Editor In Chief

Twice a month the Japanese Club is offering tutoring sessions to those interested in Mene Square. The sessions are student-run, so that those in need of help feel more comfortable. Advanced Japanese students work directly with the lower-level students.

The program was started to help students “get started,” Japanese Club Treasurer Yuhong Huang said.

Students struggling in language courses are often hesitant to ask a teacher for help. The officers aim to relate to the students to make learning more approachable. 

“We want them to feel comfortable,” Huang said.

Their goal is to have students “fulfill their dedication in learning Japanese,” President Kana Wang said. The tutors are focused on teaching students to construct sentences using proper particles and mastering the several writing systems.

Club officers encourage Japanese students to come to tutoring at Mene Square on the first and last Wednesday’s tutorial each month. If it rains it will be relocated to M307. 

“I’m most excited to get to know [students]… and see them get better at Japanese each day,” Huang said. 

“Don’t hesitate to join [us]…especially if you’re nervous with your teacher,” Wang said.