Fire drill scheduled November 8


The fire drill evacuation plan can be found in each classroom.

Calista Ancog, Associate Editor

Expect to hear the ringing of the fire alarm on November 8, as Moanalua runs its state-mandated fire drill during the homeroom period. 

Each classroom should have a map located by the door with a line showing the specific evacuation route for that room. During the beginning of the year, teachers pointed out where these maps and the exits are within the classroom. 

The school’s fire drill procedure is simple: when the alarm sounds, students will immediately exit their room. This is a safety precaution that was put in place in case the fire alarm were to be pulled for any reason other than an actual fire. Students then follow the exit route specific to their particular classroom and meet at their assigned location. Teachers will be taking roll. If the alarm rings and is not a scheduled drill then students must wait for a signal from the office to leave. 

Knowing where your exits and your fire escape path are is very important. Especially with distance learning last year, more than half the school population has not experienced a drill at Moanalua.  Given that fire drills allow students and teachers to practice for the possible event of an actual fire. The drill, which usually only takes a few minutes, can prevent tragedy later.