Spirit Week provides fun clothing challenges for students


Ruimin Lin, staff writer

Bring along the school spirit! Moanalua’s Student Association planned a week-long engaging holiday themed spirit week from December 6th to the 12th. The events were as follows: Sports Monday, Twinning Tuesday, Casual Cozy Wednesday, Anything But a Backpack Thursday and Moanalua Friday. 

Thursday, many students were creative with their “backpacks.” Sophomores Trae Mateo-Carrick and Issac Dacanay were seen sporting a gray storage bin and a Yeti cooler, respectively. Another sophomore took inspiration from Tanjiro from Anime Demon Slayer, Caleb Chau wrapped a yellow belt around a tub, imitating the wooden box that Tanjiro carries his sister around in. Senior Karter Nitahara carried all of his supplies wrapped in a car print bed sheet hung up on a walking cane. 

The spirit week provided much-needed holiday joy to conclude this quarter right before finals week.