Family Fun Day lives up to its name


Haley Meyer, Associate Editor

Moanalua High School celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a Family Fun Day on September 10 on the baseball field. At the fair, there were many booths and food trucks to keep participants busy and full. 

The booths were run by clubs, classes, and even sports to help fundraise. Some of the clubs and classes represented were MeneMAC, Graphics, PEP, Dance Moanalua, WLLC, Wrestling, and even the Alumni Association. Along with the clubs and classes, the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors had respective tents. 

“Family fun day was a great way to see all the different clubs and interact with plenty of people,” Student Association Treasurer Lizzie Kraft said. “And I think it should happen more often.” 

Freshmen and seniors both had games to play for the community that showed up to the family fun day, while the sophomores and juniors were selling food and snacks, like popcorn and Krispy Kreme donuts. MeneMAC had a free photo booth and Graphics sold shirts and other Mene merchandise. For the people who were getting a little hungry towards lunchtime, there were food trucks in front of the Performing Arts Center. 

“I really liked how it was fun for everyone,” Junior Class Adviser Vanessa Schlegel said. 

There weren’t only booths and food trucks, there was also entertainment from different clubs and classes like Drama, Dance Moanalua, and Polynesian Dance Club.