Winter Fantasy returns to Waikiki, tickets sell out


Jameson Huang photo

Students rushed to stand in line at the Student Center this week for the chance to purchase Winter Fantasy bids.

Nevaeh Hoku Medina, Staff Writer

If you passed by the Student Center during lunch this past week, you probably saw the long line winding from the Student Association room all the way to the band room.  This Wednesday through Friday, Winter Fantasy bid went on sale for $85.

With only 320 tickets available, students rushed out of their classes as soon as the bell rang to stand in line and hopefully score a ticket to the event. By Friday, bids were completely sold out.

“[The turn out] is a lot better than last year,” Winter Fantasy Co-Chair Miya Kanetake said. “I’m really happy.” 

“This year we have an actual venue, and the kids will be more excited at being at a hotel instead of being on campus,” Co-Chair Dayson Hashimoto said.

Last year because of gathering restrictions, the Winter Fantasy was held on campus at Mene Square and the cafeteria. Nearly 200 students attended, eating bentos and dancing in the courtyard.

 “The turn out last year was not that bad, considering the conditions,” Winter Fantasy Co-Advisor Shelly Koyanagi said. 

She believes that this year’s Winter Fantasy will be better than last year, since it’ll be held at a hotel and not the school. 

“The kids just want something different because they are here all the time,” she said. “It kind of makes the event feel more special.”

Sophomore Brianna Carroll agreed.

“It feels like an official event because we get to go to a place outside of school,” she said.

“I’m excited,” sophomore Eduard Papa said. “I’m glad it’s actually at a hotel this year.”

This year, Winter Fantasy will be on Thursday, December 15th at the Waikiki Hotel. On the menu is salmon salad, kal bi short ribs, and cream caramel custard, as well as the vegetarian entree of three types of tofu. The dinner will be a sit-down affair rather than a buffet.

“That was the only thing the hotel would do,” Kanetake said.

Koyanagi added that a plated meal was actually cheaper.

Sophomore Eian Mizukami said he did not attend Winter Fantasy last year, but this year decided to join the planning committee.

“I didn’t go last year, but now that I am helping, I’m excited to go,” he said.

While the Winter Fantasy is the first “fancy” event after a long break, some students said they are not attending.

“It’s too expensive,” senior Tupu Herdrich said, referring to the $85 bid price. 

Senior Jennifer Rothstein said, “It’s not as important as senior prom, so I’m waiting for that.”

The line stretched as far as the bandroom this week. All 320 tickets for the Dec. 15 event were sold. The Winter Fantasy is the only event open to the entire school. It is sponsored by the Student Association. Jameson Huang photo