New band needs members to rock on with them

Hatasha Horiuchi, Staff Writer

Rock on, with Moanalua’s newest rock band Untitled. Freshmen Isaac Sataraka, Xaddex Elbalaroza, and Ezekiel Kuema-Mckee formed their band because of their bond and interest in rock music, and they have plans on hopefully adding a vocalist to jam out and perform with them.

Drummer Isaac Sataraka practicing (Photo courtesy Isaac Sataraka)

“We need a vocalist who can yell, has a passionate singing voice,” drummer Sataraka said, ”and somebody who has a good stage presence.” 

Additionally, they want to have fun and enjoy the [punk rock] music they put together.

Bassist Xaddex Elbaloroza practicing (Photo courtesy Xaddex Elbaloroza)

“The reason I joined was because Isaac is my best friend and I could [already] play bass, I just enjoy music,” bassist Xaddex Elbaloroza said.

They are interested in hopefully preparing to play live for a few school events if given the opportunity. However, they won’t be performing in the talent show. So far they are mostly arranging their songs and planning practice days.  

“If we do get around to playing live, we probably are gonna play for some of the dances. We were planning on playing for the talent show,” Sataraka said, ”but by the time I found out about it, there wasn’t enough time to practice certain songs we were planning on doing for the talent show – so it didn’t work out.”

The current members already have experience with getting up on stage, and performing in front of people, so they are not shy with entertaining an audience. 


Guitarist Ezekiel Kuema-McKee playing at Blue Note Hawaii (Photo courtesy Ezekiel Kuema-McKee )

“I was in jazz band last year and played at Blue Note (Waikiki nightclub),” guitarist Ezekiel Kuema-McKee said.

Additionally, they all practice their songs three times a week. Untitled has three songs that they are still in the process of writing – P.U.N.K (Parasitic Unit Nonstop Killing), Eating Brainz, and Jamming and Asleep, all composed by Isaac. 

“We’re planning on getting together, at my house since my drum set-up is there, and we want to practice at least three times a week [together],” he said. 

They take inspiration from their favorite bands including Gorillaz, Metallica, Black Flag, Smut Peddlers, Green Day, and more. 

There were posters around school, looking for new members. They are currently looking for one more member in the position of a vocalist.  Students wishing to audition for the group should prepare a video submission and call (808) 721-0770.