Hop to it and celebrate the Lunar New Year


image courtesy Reader's digest, rd.com/Getty Images

The Year of the Water Rabbit starts Jan. 22. The rabbit is considered the luckiest of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals.

Kira Kaneshiro, staff writer

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is celebrated by people of Chinese ancestry. 2023 is the year of the Rabbit. The start of every Lunar New Year promises prosperity and health. The Rabbit year is also known as the yang year, or action year.

The year of the rabbit mostly focuses on a person’s health such as taking care of oneself, even if you think you’re healthy. Actions you can do to help your health during this year include remembering to take your medicine, going on a diet, exercise, working on your personal stress management, going to sleep at a good hour, and having a healthier mindset.

People born during the year of the rabbit (1951, 1963, 1975, 1999, 2011, and 2023) are advised to wear red socks, or red undergarments to bring more good luck into the year.

Some characteristics of people born during the year of the rabbit are that they’re generous, popular, and compassionate. Some others describe them as gentle, quick-witted, and easy-going.

Traditional New Year’s food include dumplings, whole fish, long noodles, roast duck, gau (sticky rice cake), jai (Buddhist vegetarian stew) and spring rolls. All are associated with good health, long life, and good fortune.

Lion dances, the giving of hong bao (red money envelopes), the wearing of red clothes (even underwear), and a deep cleaning of the house are also part of the ways the Chinese prepare to chase away the bad memories of the previous year and welcome happiness in the new year.