Covid Takes the Win Over Fall, Winter Sports

Kendelle Hung-Ino, Associate Editor

Another one bites the dust. The Oahu Interscholastic Association (OIA) announced the cancellation of fall and winter season sports at a Tuesday press release. “Season 1” sports, which were previously postponed to a January 4th start date, lost their chance to the continuing Coronavirus pandemic.

The Hawaii High School Athletic Association (HHSAA) combined fall and winter sports into “season 1” which made the logistics of planning games, transportation, and referees difficult. In addition to the high coronavirus count, “trying to salvage a season…would be almost impossible,” said OIA Executive Director Raymond Fujino to ScoringLive.

Senior student athletes, who were hoping to play, are left disappointed after the announcement.

 “I feel like we didn’t have much of an opportunity to showcase our abilities. We really miss out on so much,” senior football player Vaisen Viloria said. 

Many had high hopes of ending their high school career with new titles, but more importantly, final memories. 

“I was really determined to win OIA’s and to… make memories with my teammates especially that it’s my senior year,” senior girls volleyball player Tayli Ikenaga said. Ikenaga will be playing D1 volleyball at UH Manoa this fall. 

Fellow senior and girls soccer player Tichalynn Barroga shared a similar opinion. 

“It’s heartbreaking hearing the confirmation of my senior season has been cancelled. I love the game but it’s the people that make it extraordinary.” 

Seniors understand the decision is final but feel that the choice is “…unfair not only to me but the coaches and parents and make the sacrifice for their child,” Viloria said. 

Junior wrestler Karter Nitahara has another year left to play but still agrees with the senior athletes. 

“I would totally be open to [having] tournaments without people in the stands…if not having anyone there meant having a season I totally be down for that,” Nitahara said.

The OIA still has plans to hold a spring sports season which includes; judo, Varsity baseball, and boys volleyball. 

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