Moanalua runners slosh through mud at state tournament

Shaena Buck, staff writer

The Moanalua High school cross country team had to run through the mud, along with other competing schools at the December 4 state championships on the Big Island.

Last week, although the rain was coming down, the race still went on, because of the rain the runners’ course was drastically impacted. This caused many of the runners to slip, and that affected many of their finishes.

The course was much more difficult than what most of the runners are used to, and this really showed with many of their final times.

Junior Aurianna Pratt was in the 5K (3.12 miles) race and said the mud dramatically affected her time. 

“Normally, I’m at 26 minutes (to complete the course), but Saturday I was at 33 minutes.”

Although the mud was a major issue during this meet, many of the runners still enjoyed the race, it was one that was different from what they normally run through. These runners don’t usually run through these types of trails. 

Besides the extra mud, Moanalua High School did great; the boys D1 varsity team came in thirteenth place overall.

Our top runners for our school were junior Colin Shimabukuro, coming in eighteenth place for the boys individual times, and junior Kacie Teruya, coming in twenty-sixth place for the girls individual times.