Dancers hit the stage for “Resilience” this weekend


Calista Ancog

Dance Moanalua performed K-pop dances during lunch to celebrate Culture Week in January.

Na Hoku staff

The Moanalua High School Dance Program presents “Resilience,” its spring dance concert Friday and Saturday, May 5 and 6 at the Performing Arts Center (auditorium).  Students from Jill Tengan’s dance classes will perform pieces to reflect how the two-year pandemic affected them.

Since March of 2020, dance at Moanalua High School hasn’t been the same, Tengan wrote in an email. “Students who were used to coming to class every day, hugging their friends, stretching on the Marley floor, and running, or leaping, across the room, now had to dance all alone… at home… in a smaller, oftentimes constricting, and predominantly isolating space,” she said.

Tengan added that the program is dedicated to her Class of 2020 dancers, the only group that was unable to have a final concert, as well as her current seniors.

The performances are Friday at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday at 3:00 p.m.  Suggested donation is $5.

The program:

Creative Dance 1: Dorlyann Albert, Jahzeiah-Azarel Burdett, Caila Cooper, Layla Cox, Shyann Ejercito, Kylie Fugate, Sofia Gonzalez, Xavier Leung, Maya-Josefina Llaneza, Leanna Nguyen, Joseph Oshita, Elenah Rodriguez, Lei Shinshiro, Caithleen Jei Tapia, Makoa Thomas, and Lydia Ann Marie White.

Creative Dance 2, 3, 4: Bel Agcaoili, Alora Amina, Emele Blackmon, Sara Brekke, Jaide-Lin Chang, Gellieryne Cristobal, Joey Fortit, Kayse Ginez, Krystal Guo, Kristen Inoue, Kiara Kanzic, Kennedi McNair, Tiare Reincke, Dylan Sadaya, Maddox Schaedler-Herd, Kaylee Shibata, Brandi Taylor, and Tiffany Trinh.

Dance Moanalua: Bel Agcaoili, Sophia Arines, Emele Blackmon, Jaide-Lin Chang, Kalena Ching, Gellieryne Cristobal, Isaiah Ganir-Basilio, Kayse Ginez, Sofia Gonzalez, Krystal Guo, Jordyn Haramura, Kristen Inoue, Maria Oppermann, James Yubin Park, Maddox Schaedler-Herd, Brandi Taylor, Makoa Thomas, Tiffany Trinh, and Reese Zhou.

EXPO: Bel Agcaoili, Emele Blackmon, Sara Brekke, Kalena Ching, Isaiah Ganir-Basilio, Kayse Ginez, Easton Ikenaga, James Yubin Park, Tiare Reincke, Dylan Sadaya, Maddox Schaedler-Herd, Brandi Taylor, and Tiffany Trinh.

Class of 2022 Homecoming Floorshow: Sara Brekke, Kalena Ching, Kryzandreah Espanol, Joey Fortit, Isaiah Ganir-Basilio, Amanda Raphaella Ibanez, Easton Ikenaga, Caitlain Marie Julian, Nya John, Tiare Reincke, Maddox Schaedler-Herd, Julianna Tabura, Brandi Taylor, and Kahmee Teshima.