Let’s graduate with style, leave our mark

Gage DeHart, Contributing Writer

This is one of several “slam poems” from seniors who used words from a list of ideas responding to the prompt “As seniors, we are resolute. . . .” 

As seniors we are resolute about

being of age, finally leaving

the halls of high school behind. 

Making it through these last few months

with our friends by our side,

enjoying our time together

before we all go our separate ways. 


Having fun and expressing our identity,

we’re determined to graduate with style,

leaving our mark on the world. 

And while we’re excited to find one’s self, 

we’ll also miss this place,

the teachers and the friends we’ve made.


As seniors we are resolute about

Going to college, and leaving home 

we’re excited but nervous.

But we’re determined to make it through,

to not be singing the class song of defeat.

We’ll miss our families and the comforts of our home,

but we’re ready for the adventures that await.


We’re looking forward to going back home

to visit, and to see our friends and loved ones.

But for now, we’re focused on 

making memories d having fun,

going to the beach and enjoying the sun.

We’re determined to make the most 

of these last few months,

procrastinating and graduating

with our heads held high. 

As seniors, we are resolute about 

achieving our goals and moving on

to the next phase of life.